Within the technical data resources you can find information relating to the the following construction chemicals and frequently asked questions by our customers. We hope you find this information useful it includes, MSDS Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Machining Instructions and much more.

Acid Resistant Epoxy Binder (EPIREZ 133AR)   DOWNLOAD  
Board and Boat Resin (EPIREZ 2243)   DOWNLOAD  
Class A General Purpose Grout (Panel Grout)   DOWNLOAD  
Clean Up Solvent   DOWNLOAD  
Colourpack (Colours for Epirez Flooring and Supatuff Ranges)   DOWNLOAD  
Concrete Etch and Cleaner (Concrete Prep)   DOWNLOAD  
Control Joint & Flexible Non-Sag Sealants (D5-070 / D5-070 NS)   DOWNLOAD  
Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (EPIREZ 123)   DOWNLOAD  
Deep Pour Epoxy Grouting Compound   DOWNLOAD  
Easifloor Binder (Easifloor II)   DOWNLOAD  
Episet Anchor Adhesive (Rapid Set Epoxy Adhesive)   DOWNLOAD  
Episet Structural Adhesive (EPIREZ 8242)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Accelerator (D1419)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Casting Compound (EPIREZ 8837)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Chocking Compound   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Electrical Maintenance Kit (EPIREZ 324 A)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Impregnant Compound (EPIREZ 9049)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Mastic Metal Primer (EPIREZ 215)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Primer/Sealer (EPIREZ 123)   DOWNLOAD  
Epoxy Self Levelling Flooring Kit (ESL Flooring System)   DOWNLOAD  
Ezipatch Superset (Economical Quick Set Patching Mortar)   DOWNLOAD  
Ezirender Fairing Coat (One-Part Polymer Modified Fairing Mortar)   DOWNLOAD  
Ezirender HB Primer (Water Based Primer for Ezirender High Build)   DOWNLOAD  
Ezirender High Build (One-Part High Build Repair Mortar)   DOWNLOAD  
Eziseal Waterproofing Render (Cementitious Waterproofing Surface Treatment)   DOWNLOAD  
Five Star Instant Grout (Rapid Strength Cement Based Grout)   DOWNLOAD  
Five Star Superstrength Grout (High Strength Cement Based Grout)   DOWNLOAD  
General Purpose Epoxy Grout (Epoxy Grout II)   DOWNLOAD  
General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (EPIREZ 133)   DOWNLOAD  
Heavy Duty Backing Grout (EPIREZ 5137)   DOWNLOAD  
High Build Epoxy Coating Grey (EPIREZ 235)   DOWNLOAD  
High Early Strength Backing Grout (EPIREZ 5137 HES)   DOWNLOAD  
High Performance Epoxy Grout (Epoxy Grout 280S)   DOWNLOAD  
Highway Marker Adhesives   DOWNLOAD  
Highway Patch (Rapid Set Repair Mortar)   DOWNLOAD  
Hot Weather Class C Grout (EPIREZ 380C Grout)   DOWNLOAD  
Max-Cure Cementitious Grout Curing Compound (Water Based Concrete Curing Compound)   DOWNLOAD  
Multi-Purpose Epoxy Concrete Repair (Multi II)   DOWNLOAD  
Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder (EPIREZ 633)   DOWNLOAD  
Non-Skid Flooring Aggregates (Aggregates for EPIREZ Anti-Slip Flooring)   DOWNLOAD  
PU Mastic Sealant (Gun Grade Construction Sealant)   DOWNLOAD  
Saw Cut Sealant (D5-050)   DOWNLOAD  
Supaflow HF Grout (Dual Expansion Class C Grout)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Acid Resistant Coating (Supatuff AR)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Anti-Slip Coating (Supatuff AS-550)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Clear Coat Sealer (Supatuff SC100)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Floor Coating (Supatuff FC)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Food Grade Finish (Supatuff FG)   DOWNLOAD  
Supatuff Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating (Supatuff HD)   DOWNLOAD  
Ultra High Build Epoxy Coating (EPIREZ 733)   DOWNLOAD  
Waterproof Plug (Quick Setting Cementitious Water Plug)   DOWNLOAD