Consolidated Plastics and Epoxy can supply and apply aid resistant coatings to concrete surfaces. As part of our On Site Services CPE can neutralise and repair concrete which may have been damaged due to acid saturation. We recommend and supply BASF Construction Chemicals and Epirez products.

Through working conditions in all areas of industry concrete life will require attention at some stage of it's service. Consolidated Plastics and Epoxy can assist in specifing, supplying and applying material to re-instate damaged or worn concrete. CPE can supply the following services for repairing damaged or worn concrete:
  • Remove Of Damaged Concrete and Surface Preperation
  • Grout Placement
  • Crack Injection
  • Epoxy Grout Injection
  • Placement Of Repair Mortars (Epoxy or Cement Based)
  • Concrete Coatings
  • Decorotive Coatings
Consolidated Plastics and Epoxy is a Master Applicator for most BASF Construction Chemical Products as well as Epirez.